Bystanders are the largest group in the cycle of bullying, and the key to helping make schools safer.

Stymie helps schools overcome the bystander effect by enabling their students to report incidents of bullying and harm, safely and anonymously. Schools receive notifications via email, dealing with them according to their existing wellbeing framework. Stymie does not receive or store your notifications, they are encrypted and sent directly to the school.

Internationally, schools are receiving Stymie notifications about bullying, illegal activity, depression, anxiety and self-harm.

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Why Stymie?

Adhere to Government wellbeing guidelines
Internationally, it is the mandated responsibility of all schools to provide a safe physical and emotional environment.

Awareness of covert behaviours
An increasing portion of bullying and cyberbullying tends to be covert. One of the aims of Stymie is to make these behaviours overt, so that they can be dealt with appropriately.

Evidence when you need it
Stymie notifications provide evidence from bystanders as a supportive backup for investigations into incidents of bullying and harm.

Privately owned and independent
Stymie is independent of any Education Department or Educational Ministry. We are not bound by political interest or influence. We are student welfare centered and are able to provide consistent updates to the Stymie technology without funding concerns.

Built with educators in mind
Our Founder has worked in the education system for 23 years – Stymie is simple to use, accessible and has been built with the school ecosystem in mind.

Technological support
We set up access to the notification system and provide a robust onboarding process, meaning that you don’t have to worry about engaging IT specialists.

Registering as a Stymie school

Costs vary internationally however; we strive to make access to subscriptions affordable and accessible.

Set up

Upon registering as a Stymie school, we will assist you in setting up the notification system. You are able to choose how the Stymie notifications (emails) are categorised and you are then able to choose to whom they are sent. For example, Year 9 notifications will be sent to Mrs Jones, and Year 10 notifications to Mr Green.

Your Stymie launch day

Our onboarding process involves sending a Stymie Speaker to your school to launch the program. They will deliver 30-minute presentations to each year level, as well as a staff presentation. Schools are not permitted to implement Stymie without this presentation day.